Recovering from Heart Surgery 
Going Home
The Saga of Having Open Heart Surgery.... 

Open heart surgery has been around now for over 40 years. The procedures have become more mainstream and safe although at the same time the complexity of what can be done has increased.

In addition newer techniques have allowed older patients (as well as, much younger, including infants) to be afforded these life preserving and potentially improving operations.

The surgical approach, size and location of the incision as well the "hardware" (valves, grafts, etc.) used have evolved as well.

There are so called "minimally invasive" procedures and "off pump" (i.e. not on heart lung machine) options and even procedures not requiring any incisions (i.e. percutaneous valve replacement) available.

Regardless of which procedure or technique this is still a life altering experience for you or someone you know and cannot be taken lightly.

The importance of the best attitude you can have both preop and postop as well as a strong support system cannot be over emphasized.

What Mr. Levofsky has done with this book based on his own life and experience with cardiac surgery is very special and will be of help to patients and those in their support network.

He has used his wit, humor, education, honesty, and writing style to present and entertaining and enlightening look at this major life event. 

I hope (and think) the book will be as educational, enjoyable and sobering, at times, as it was to me. 

​I congratulate him on this accomplishment, and wish you and your love ones the best as you enter this journey. Chin up and when you get down...get back up. 

 Daniel S. Goldman  MD, FACC, FHRS
Cardiac Electrophysiology of the Palm Beaches
Delray Beach Florida
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